Best Practices and Tools

The Energy Services Coalition has developed a set of best practices and tools that it recommends States consider in developing and implementing a statewide Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) program. Following is a brief description of each practice or approach:

  1. SEO Leadership
  2. Strong Legislative and Gubernatorial Support
    • Model Legislation
    • State-specific EPC Legislation
    • Sample Executive Orders
  3. Consensus Support for State Decision-makers in the Legal, Procurement, and Finance Areas
  4. ESC State Chapter or Similar Stakeholder Group
    • Starting an ESC State Chapter
  5. Pre-qualified ESCOs
    • Model RFP to Pre-Qualify ESCOs
    • Evaluation and Selection Process and Forms
    • • Secondary ESCO Selection and Evaluation
  6. Pre-approved Contracts
    • Model Energy Performance Contract
    • Model Technical Energy Audit and Project Proposal
    • Model Finance Solicitation Package
  7. Project Oversight and Technical Assistance
    • Model RFP for Project Oversight
    • SEO-ESCO Base Contract
    • Facility Owner MOU
    • Monitoring and Verification Guidelines
    • Technical Assistance
  8. Education and Outreach
    • What Is Performance Contracting?
    • Five Steps to a Successful Performance Contract
    • Workshop in a Box
    • Procurement & Contracting Documents for Facility Owners
  9. Program Funding Strategies
    • Self-funded programs
    • Guaranteed savings pay for project oversight
    • Other program funding strategies
  10. Tracking and Comparing Project Progress
    • State Project Data Collection Form
    • Race to the Top - State-by-State Comparison

Summary of Key Tools

This at-a-glance matrix summarizes and links to the key ESC identified statewide program best practices, tools, and documents. Click here to access the matrix.

ESPC Dollars Per Capita Map

To see the amount of Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) investments in state and local buildings in particular states click here.