Strong Legislative and Gubernatorial Support

The legislature and governor have the power to set agenda priorities and use their offices to stimulate public debate about important state issues. The legislature can codify best practices to eliminate procurement/contracting barriers for state & local governments and establish energy performance contracting as an approved way to procure energy services. A governor's unique position affords useful venues, such as the role in the budget, communications, and executive branch policy agendas. It is essential for both governors and legislators to establish awareness within state government of ESPC as a means to upgrade facilities and achieve energy efficiency with no up-front costs - driving economic development while attaining clean air goals.

Following are ESC's recommended tools and documentation in support of this ESPC best practice area:

  • Model Legislation
    Examples are provided for different types of legislation that are required to provide legislative authority for an ESPC program. Explanations are provided as to why particular provisions are essential for clear authorization of ESPC requirements. It is acknowledged that each state and territory is different and therefore the parochial needs of each must prevail.
  • State-Specific Legislation
  • Executive Orders Authorizing ESPC - State Examples
    Examples of Executive Orders authorizing ESPC programs and promoting the use of ESPC are provided below.