ESC Statewide Program Best Practices Matrix

This at-a-glance matrix summarizes and links to the key ESC identified statewide program best practices, tools, and documents.

Best Practices



SEO Leadership Establish the SEO as the source for information on energy performance contracting SEO Program
State Program Administrator
Strong Legislative and Gubernatorial Support Utilize legislature and gubernatorial powers to establish ESPC as a priority for state agenda Model Legislation
ESPC Legislation by State
Sample Executive Orders
Consensus Support for State Decision-makers Establish consensus support among key state decision-makers (legal, procurement, finance) Summary of State Consensus Needs for An Effective ESPC Program
ESC State Chapter or Similar Stakeholder Group Establish an ESC state chapter or similar stakeholder group Starting an ESC State Chapter
Pre-qualified ESCOs One time competitive RFP to pre-qualify ESCOs Model RFP to Pre-Qualify ESCOs
Evaluation and Selection Process and Forms
Secondary Selection Process
Pre-approved Contracts State attorney pre-approval of model contracts (audit, performance contracts; financing agreements) Model Energy Performance Contract
Model Technical Energy Audit & Project Proposal
Model Finance Solicitation Pkg
Project Oversight and Technical Assistance Ongoing support to facility owners doing ESPC projects Model RFP for Project Oversight Agreements
SEO-ESCO Base Contract
Facility Owner MOU
Monitoring & Verification Guidelines
Sample RFP for Tech Assistance
Education and Outreach Educate potential end-users on performance contracting benefits and the processes to achieve a successful project What is Performance Contracting?
Five Steps to a Successful Performance Contract
Workshop in a Box
Procurement & Contracting Documents for Facility Owners
Program Funding Strategies Sample ESPC program funding mechanisms Self-funded Programs
Guaranteed Savings Pay for Project Oversight
Other Program Funding Strategies
Tracking and Comparing Project Progress Establish simple tracking guidelines for projects and the program to demonstrate program success through measurable results State Project Data Collection Form
Race to the Top - State-by-State Comparison