Urgent Update

ESC Special Podcast: Covid-19 Impacts and Implications to Your GESPC Project

In light of the current coronavirus situation the Energy Services Coalition offers this special podcast with a focus on how to manage your Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contract during this global emergency..

If any of your buildings have been vacated voluntarily or in response to an executive order, and are part of an active GESPC Measurement and Verification phase, we strongly recommend you refer to your performance contract documents for language addressing this situation, that is, a significant change in the buildings' energy use. To learn more download the Podcast below, or click the play button to listen now.  


Join the Online Community Discussion regarding the impact of Covid 19 on GESPC Projects

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Remember, the Online Community is a public sector only venue built and maintained just for you. If you are not yet a member -- you can register here. Get engaged and build a community that effectively teaches each other how to move a GESPC project forward.